Beginning with a daily foundation for greatness

Why should I set out a goal to be “great,” and what on earth does that mean anyway?  Isn’t it a bit egotistical to think that I could possibly be a great person?  Why should I even bother?  Let’s set some ground rules: Being great is about being honest with one’s own self.  Being great makes no implication that any other individual isn’t great.  Being great is all about personal responsibility, growth, and possibilities.  It’s already within each of us, and we all have something to share.  I believe that there is, within each of us, the desire to make today better than yesterday.  For ourselves, for our community, for our planet.  To this end, I write with the intent that my humble words here will make even just the tiniest impact in your life, and that you will become greater in yourself and begin inspiring greatness in others.

Even with the best of intention and planning, some things just don’t work out.  People say, “Well, you can’t say you didn’t try.”  I hate that – it’s as if the only thing we should be concerned with is P.R. and damage control on our failures; how to make ourselves look better.  It’s not about that.  Great people don’t care whether someone is going to make fun of them for trying.  Great people aren’t afraid to try.  We must own our failures and learn from them.  Didn’t do it right today?  Don’t worry, you’ll get another chance.

It’s always wonderful and frightening when we are given an opportunity to start something anew.  Like starting a new job, or moving to a new city.  Realize that you have that same opportunity every morning as the sun comes up, to choose how you want to go about your day.  You can make only one choice, so make it a good one.

I wish you all the best in 2009, and I hope that you’ll inspire me too!


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