Musings on the topic of productive employees

It seems to me like there are a few companies that have an ideal mix of work/life balance, but more often than not, these companies are really not living the balance.  And often if we try as employees to engage in some semblance of a balance, well, there are just so many aspects to life to find balance.  It’s tough!

Why can’t we do like other countries do?

In Spain, Mexico, and other places that use Spanish words, they have a thing called “siesta.”  People take a rest in the afternoon and (usually) come back to work afterward, refreshed and ready to take on whatever’s on their plate.

In Japan, like we all saw in that episode of Heroes, they go up to the roof every morning and do crazy exercises. Workers begin their day with oxygen-rich blood coursing through and feeding their brains.

Here in Canada, what do we get? Maybe a bike locker in the basement and a maybe a shower room. The rest is up to you. As long as you don’t do it around company facilities or on company time.

But study after study shows that workers are more productive when they have endorphins running through their systems.  Easy to write a business case and point to these kinds of things.

Are companies just to chicken to expose themselves to the legal implications of doing anything other than sitting in an office chair? Mind you, I have a massage therapist who tells me that more of her patients are so messed up from sitting in office chairs all day…

Don’t get me wrong, I love the kind of work that I do, I just think it needs to be more balanced.  I’m a bit upset today since I haven’t been feeling well, I haven’t been able to get outside and run or bike, so perhaps at this moment I am just feeling a bit of cabin fever.  Fortunately for my work, I am able to sit here in a chair with my laptop.

So, in an effort to actually propose some kind of solution rather than just complain, here goes:

Work from home one day per week.  Instead of commuting, in the time that you would normally commute, go for a run or a yoga class.  Then get to work (and quit blogging all the time)!


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