It’s really no big deal…

Gun Time 53:05
Chip Time 55:22
Place Overall 126/740
Place in Sex 90/245
Place in Age Group 28/69

BMO Okanagan Marathon 10k

I ran my personal best 10k today, with a chip time of 52:22.  Everyone I know wants me to know how big of a deal this is, but it really isn’t.  Don’t get me wrong, though: I’m by no means suggesting that I’m not happy with my new PR.  All I’m saying is that there isn’t anything innately extraordinary about running 10k.

Anyone can do it.  I really believe that.  The only differences between us laypeople and the elite professionals: they have been doing it longer, they have been training harder, and someone is paying them to do it.  I firmly believe that anyone is capable of doing extraordinary things; it’s just that the majority of us don’t realize our own potential, myself included.

I am thrilled that I smashed my former PR, by over ten minutes.  I am scared though, that for my next 10k, I will be faced with a different measuring stick.

So I have a choice to make.  Do I rest on my laurels, having achieved a new standard?

At the same time, I don’t know what I’m capable of, and there is only one way to find out.  For me, the choice is simple.  I shall continue to push myself, and see what I am capable of.  I encourage you to do the same.


One thought on “It’s really no big deal…”

  1. Congrats! Super well done.
    And while I hear what you are saying and agree with anyone can do it, I do think it is a big deal! You put in hours upon hours of training, don’t give up when it is inconvenient or god forbid even hard, and actually show up at the starting line. Then, with focus and determination, you execute you race plan and put all the training to the test and finish as best as you can. Maybe even with a PR!

    THAT is what sets you apart from ‘anyone’.

    PS: love the title and design of your blog.


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