You might be a triathlete if…

I remember reading this post a few months ago, “you might be a triathlete if…”

One of them, “…if you think an Ironman is easier then a Marathon because you don’t have to start by running fast.” is actually beginning to make sense to me.  I used to be a runner, and then I was also a cyclist. Now, I am becoming more comfortable in the water, and more nervous about the bike and run.  Weird.

So I’m going to share a couple of my favourite one-liners, stolen shamelessly from the Internet.  You might be a triathlete if…

  • Your first thought when you wake up is how high your resting heart rate is.
  • When people praising you for being able to run 15 miles you’re feeling insulted.
  • That charming “cologne” you wear to work is chlorine.
  • You have everything needed in your car to be Swimming, Biking or Running with 5 minutes notice.
  • When a co-worker asks if you are racing this weekend, you say “yeah, but I’m just running a 10k, so that is not REALLY a race”.
  • You have a $4000 bike strapped on top of your $2000 car.
  • Your car has at least one Power Bar wrapper and two sets of work out clothes.
  • You feel like you took the day off because all you did was swim 3000m.
  • When non-racer friends tell you they ran/rode you automatically calculate their pace to see if you’re still in better shape.

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