2010 In Review

I almost forgot, I have a training blog.  Yes, it’s been a while.  But, since we’re in the closing days of the year, what better time to sit back and reflect on the training year and race season gone by?

Early in the year, I was kind of aimless in my training.  I occasionally set out from my old place, across the bridge and back.  I was a SportMedBC Sun Run InTraining Clinic leader again, but didn’t actually run the 10k because my physio told me not to.  I sat back and watched the clinic participants cross the finish line, and nursed my leg back to health.

In June, I started a 13-week training program for my first half-marathon.  I completed my first half-marathon in October.

In July, I got a road bike and tricked it out with aero bars and a tri-specific saddle.  In August, I found a swimmer to team up with, and raced the last two legs of the sprint-distance triathlon in Sooke.  My bike split was respectable, but not being used to running off the bike, I felt really slow on the 5k run (28 minutes).

In August, I also went to Kelowna to watch Paula Findlay and Simon Whitfield kick ass, and to cheer on a few friends at the Kelowna Apple Triathlon.  I rode the Oly bike course the day before the race, and made plans to sign up for 2011.

Total distances for 2010: Swim 46k, Bike 925k, Run 697k.


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