Kelowna Apple Triathlon 2011

Kelowna marks the last A-race of my first true season of triathlon.  And I’m really quite pleased with how the first year turned out.

I’m an average swimmer, a strong cyclist, and a weak runner.

Swim: 27:56/1500m

One year ago, I didn’t know how to swim.  I could barely scramble 25m, with a level of skill barely suitable for swimming at the cottage.  I worked hard through the winter, starting off with 30 minutes in the pool almost every day, until I learned how to do 100m.  Then 200m.  I consider myself a triathlete more than a swimmer, but swimming is certainly not my weak point.

For Apple, my estimated time for the swim was 30 minutes.  I haven’t been setting stretch goals for the swim, just yet.  All I wanted at Apple was to get through the swim, and post something close to 30 minutes.  I got out of the water with two minutes to spare.

The swim itself went reasonably well.  I probably went off course a little, but that will improve with more open water practice and sighting.  All in due time.  My swim speed will increase with practice and technique improvements, and perhaps learning how to have a productive kick!

Transition 1: 1:50

Is it possible to do this faster?  Probably.  I had a few things sitting in my helmet that I had planned to stuff into my back pockets, and that did take a few seconds.  But I did take advantage of some cool tricks, like leaving my goggles and swim cap inside my wetsuit sleeve, having my shoes pre-clipped to the pedals, and racking over the back of the saddle.

Bike: 1:08:10 (35.2km/h)

This bike course was awesome.  I felt strong and fast.  I was only a few minutes off the #1 position on the bike course, and even so, placing within the top sixth of finishers on the bike course is nothing to sneer at.  I worked on keeping loose, and finding that balance between effort and ease.  I rode according to plan, pushing hard up Knox, then spinning free throughout the rest of the course.

Transition 2: 1:05

This clocking represents mostly the run through transition, from the bike entrance to the run exit.   Once my bike was racked, helmet off, shoes on, I was back out on the course.  The only way I think I could improve this time would be to be a faster runner.  I’m by no means disappointed with this.

Run: 1:00:54 (6:06/km)

Yes, the run is my weakness.  I’ve been battling IT-band issues for the last half of the season, and haven’t really been focussed on improving my run speed.  Though I did maintain my roughly 6:00/km average, and that was my goal.

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