Darryl’s List of Awesome Things To Do

I’ve decided to put together a list of Awesome Things To Do.  This is, as all things Internet, a work in progress.  Feel free to send me your ideas!

  • Run a 10k
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Run a full marathon
  • Go to the Columbia River valley, near George, WA on a windy day.  Stand there and just feel the wind rush by.
  • Go for long walk/run in Pacific Spirit Park or Lynn Headwaters in the spring, just when it starts getting warmer — after it rains. The air is absolutely amazing! (via Bri Menzies)
  • Gardening — like quiet, edible children! (via Bambi Blue)
  • Go for a moonlit kayak tour at Jericho Beach

5 thoughts on “Darryl’s List of Awesome Things To Do”

  1. Once you’ve run one half-marathon, I’m positive you’ll be hooked on them and your list of awesome things to do will expand to “run one half-marathon in a new city each year” 😉


    1. Oh, I like the way you think. I’ve been considering the RnR Las Vegas (December) or Goofy Challenge next January at Disney. Half on Saturday, full on Sunday.


  2. Hi Darryl, thank you for your great comments on my twitter. I don’t check it too often and was amazed by yoursmsg from a complete stranger. I am going to train next year and sign up next year for ironman 2013. This is unfinished business!! I”ll be sure to cheer you on next year! Maybe see you at Oliver. Sylvia


    1. Sylvia, you were one of the highlights of my day at IMC. Your spirit and determination couldn’t be stopped. I believe that you can finish Ironman, and I think that 2013 is going to be your time to shine. I know that you can. Just keep doing. Never give up. I’ll see you at the finish line!


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